Hardwood Floor Repair

No job too small or too big for our team.

We’re experts in hardwood floor repair!

Hardwood floors can get damaged for a multitude of reasons including water damage in various areas of your home, pet stains, potted plant stains, open gaps or spaces where walls used to be, large gaps, holes big or small, deeply scuffed or banged up flooring from moving furniture, damaged floor boards, incorrect flooring repairs done by someone without proper experience, and much more.

We can repair any of these hardwood floor problems and offer the highest quality work. We’ve been in business for over ten years and have the experience and skill to repair any hardwood flooring issue. Concerned that we won’t match your flooring exactly? Don’t worry about that!

We have the means to source the correct wood in the exact size you need it. Sometimes, with the older homes here in Madison and Stoughton, it can be a bit difficult to locate the exact wood that was used decades ago, but we can still match it almost perfectly. If we can’t locate what you need, we will be honest with you from the first time you meet with us. You won’t be able to tell the difference between our work and the original flooring!

This is not only because we are great at what we do, but also because we utilize specialized tools to remove the damaged floor boards without damaging the flooring surrounding it. The end result of the hardwood floor repairs we do is simply beautiful – and you will be thrilled with the outcome!

Bonded & insured

We are bonded and insured so you can rest assured that we are completely covered for any issues that may arise. This protects you, the customer, in case anything were to happen.