Frequent Questions

Here are some answers to common questions we receive.

How long will my newly refinished hardwood floors last?

It depends on your lifestyle and how you care for the floors. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when asking this question. The more “lived on” your floor, the less time it will last. If you have pets, if you or others wear dirty shoes on the floor, if you have children that run through the house and play with their toys on it, it may need to be refinished sooner. If you take care of it and sweep and clean them regularly, they will last longer. We will provide you tips and instructions to keep your floors looking great for a longer period of time.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept cash and checks ONLY.

Do my base-shoe and/or baseboards need to be removed?

If they’re in good condition, they do not need to be removed. We can use our sanders and get close enough to them and use hand scrapers to remove the rest of the old finish.

After my floor is repaired, when can I put the furniture and area rugs back in place?

We recommend waiting at least 2 days before putting your furniture back though a week is best. If you have to put your furniture back within a couple of days, make sure to put felt pads under your furniture to protect the wood. With your area rugs, please wait at least two weeks before putting them back down on the floor.

My floor has gaps – Why is this and can you repair them?

Seasonal changes that affect humidity causes wood floors to expand and contract, thus causing gaps in the floor. In the winter when it’s cold, especially here in the Midwest, we need the heat in our homes to keep us warm but this causes the humidity to diminish and causes the wood to shrink in size a bit. We can repair the gaps in your floors by filling the gaps with trowel filler.

What can be done about deep scratches in my floor?

It depends how deep the scratches are. If the scratches are too deep, it may be best to replace the damaged floor boards with new wood. Otherwise, if we sand it, it may take off too much wood. If the floor scratches are deep but haven’t been sanded more than 3-5 times, we may be able to sand the scratches out. The best way to assess how we should treat the scratches is by scheduling an appointment with us.

Can you repair water damage in my floor?

Yes, we can. We’ll have to schedule an appointment to come out and assess the damage and offer you an estimate of our services and cost. If we find more water damage than we originally knew about (i.e. hiding under an area that has carpet), we will discuss this with you before repairing it. We are 100% transparent with our work.